Southern Roots

In the new arrivals drop this week are some roots music albums from the American south. You’ll find these records in the World and Blues music crate, check them out!

  • La La Louisiana Black French Music by Les Freres Carrière, Louisiana brothers Bébé and Éraste Carrière playing traditional Creole and Cajun music, sometimes call La La music that was one of the roots of zydeco.
  • Two albums, Zydeco Gris Gris and Hot Chili Mama, from Beausoleil, a Cajun band formed in the mid-70’s featuring Michael Doucet on fiddle. Beausoleil is one of the most well known traditional Cajun and Creole bands who “blend elements of zydeco, New Orleans jazz, Tex-Mex, country, blues and more into a satisfying musical recipe”. A Grammy winner in 1996 and frequently honored as the best in their traditional style. Check out their records and their live and recorded concerts on Facebook.
  • The Balfa Brothers were a Cajun family band, consisting of brothers Dewey, Burke, Harry, Rodney and Will Balfa, all born and raised on the sharecropper’s farm of their parents Charles Balfa and Amay Ardoin near Mamou, Louisiana. Arcadian Memories is a 1986 release that primarily features Dewey on fiddle, the band having lost Will and Rodney in the late 70’s.
  • Lastly, Great Big Yam Potatoes is a re-release of a compilation of traditional anglo-american fiddle music from Mississippi, originally recorded in 1939. A nice recording of some authentic early-American music.