Mask Up in style!

Pop Up Records now offers a dozen choices of Leni’s rockin’ face masks: Joy Division, Madonna, Black Sabbath, KISS, the Doors and more, with still a few of the original Bowie, Cure, Nirvana and Divine masks left. Come by Sprinklz-Clinton to mask up in style.

American Beauty

We have a vintage copy of American Beauty in stock, one of the Grateful Dead’s most popular albums. But hearing the Dead live in concert is to hear them at another level, and the Internet Archive hosts over 2000 Dead concert recordings including most of their best shows. Head over …


More LAKE music in the shop for you, the 2020 cassette-only album Practice Space. We have just a few copies of the recent second run of red cassettes in stock—come by Sprinklz-Clinton to get yours soon.